To make you enjoy a delicious gastronomic experience, we only choose quality produce as ingredients.

This is also the reason why all our food preparations are homemade.

Artisanal produce

We have selected artisanal ingredients to make our crepes: natural ice creams (without additives, colorants or artificial flavors), baking chocolate, artisanal jams, thyme honey, …

We also use some of the tastiest artisanal produce in our buckwheat crepes: superior Torchon ham, Charolais beef, artisanal smoked bacon, Saint Marcelin, French Emmental, Crottin, …

Organic and fresh produce

All our crepes are made with organic flours and organic eggs. Our maple syrup is organic as well and we have farmer apple juice.
To pair with your meal, we can also suggest the Val de France organic cider or the Domaine de la Renjarde organic wine (Syrah Grenache).

Our fish is fresh and our vegetables come directly from market.

The batter in the buckwheat crepes is gluten-free.

organic fresh produce